First Steps

This is the first entry of this blog, and as such I’ll elaborate a bit on who I am and the purpose of this webpage at the moment and moving forward.

My background

I have been playing games my entire life, and I started experimenting with a software called Klick & Play in my teens. It was a rough event based tool that has since evolved into the slightly more advanced Clickteam Fusion 2.5, in which I created a quite ambitious project with the working name “Goth Quest”. Even though it was never completed, it’s probably my biggest game to date. Heavily inspired by the masochist retro platforming game I wanna be the guy, I wanted to create something that worked in a similar fashion while adapting a four color palette pixel art style.

Screenshot from "Goth Quest"
Screenshot from Goth Quest.

However, due to lack of experience the project eventually grew too big for me to handle, and it was discontinued.

The much dreaded event editor of Clickteam Fusion.

I have since created projects in Unity and Gamemaker Studio 2, leaning more towards the GMS2 as it is very well suited to the low res retro style kind of games that has ended up being my preference. My most accomplished game in GMS2 is probably Tales of Greta, a retro arcade style game that is inspired by the first Donkey Kong game. This game, along with a few other smaller projects, can be downloaded and played for free from my page.

Tales of Greta

The purpose of this blog right now

I have never done something like this before. My projects have, without exception, been a matter of isolated sparks of inspiration that have ended up being poorly documented (if at all) and seldom finished. The goal with this blog is to change that. By making sure that I document my process, which right now involves delving into and learning Godot, I hope to become better at bringing projects to their completion.

I would be surprised if anyone even finds this blog, but I still feel that the act of writing goals down and documenting the process might be good personal step in the right direction. With some luck and dedication, I hope to gradually fix my horrible “created projects” to “released games” ratio.

The purpose moving forward

If all goes well I might add sections to this blog that pertains to the discussion of specific projects. Those sections would then act much like dev logs, in which I can add images, music and other tidbits linked to ongoing development.